Teach My Children to Swim

Teaching Children to Swim

Are you interested in teaching your children to swim?

This amazing new eBook called Teaching Children to Swim covers nearly everything you need to know about teaching a child to swim safely.

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Learning to float

Imagine being able to teach your child to swim confidently and without stress or the cost of a private coach. Wouldn’t that be great?

Or what about if you could give your child confidence to take to the water like a duck and become a confident swimmer. How would that feel if you could do this?

Imagine being able to swim with your child and build a special bond with them for the rest of your lives. It truly is possible, but you need to know how.

Swimming with a kick board

That’s what this brand new ebook could help you to do. And it’s not like any other eBook you’ve ever read on teaching your children to swim. Why?

For one very simple reason – it is written by Ron Bower who has 27 years experience of teaching children to swim and knows how to gain a childs confidence and through this book will pass this valuable knowledge on to you.

Which means your child will be confident in the water which is a very important life skill in this age where many households have swimming pools installed or access to a neighbour’s pool.

Can you see now why owning this product makes such sense?

What’s a resource like this worth?

Teaching Children to Swim is such a bargain at $17

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Contents of the ebook

  • The when, where and how of Teaching Children to Swim
  • Pool safety
  • Introducing children to water
  • Making children water safe through dogpaddle and back floating
  • Jumping and diving
  • The four major strokes –Freestyle (Crawl), Backstroke, Butterfly Stroke and Breaststroke; covering Kicking, Arm action, Breathing and Advanced skills

What others have to say about this eBook

Benjamin Sweaney

Benjamin Sweaney, Australia

Teaching Children to Swim is the essential tool that provides a comprehensive outline of the principles for each of the major styles of swimming. Written in clear, straightforward language the author explains the principles and highlights key areas and methods for teaching children to swim.

As a modest swimmer the book provided me with confidence in explaining the basics. Having taught my younger sisters to swim I found the book insightful and a great preparation tool for teaching others. Approaching fatherhood, I am especially eager to prepare myself for teaching our children the skill of swimming.

Teaching Children to Swim has given me a good understanding of the foundations and how to articulate them to beginners. An honest account of the essentials, this book is recommended as a guidance tool for teaching children how to swim.

This book is easy to follow with clear steps and colourful photographs illustrating each step. Teaching Children to Swim provides a comprehensive guide to teaching the skill of swimming. Having a tool such as this provides confidence to what is a challenging subject.

With swimming being such an essential part of life, especially in Australia, the ability to teach your children to swim is priceless.

February 24, 2015

Let me tell you now some of the important points about Teaching Children to Swim

  • How to protect your child and know that teaching your child to swim will last a lifetime and give you peace of mind.
  • 3 simple ways to a free and easy way to do all this yourself at no further cost. Discover how to have the self confidence to teach children to swim. How to teach more than one child at a time. Help you handle difficult children. Show you how to use a broomstick, a puppet and a ball and other aids make the lesson interesting and fun.
  • The little-known way to give your child complete confidence. Make the whole experience fun and the lessons less stressful.
  • 5 proven steps to introduce your child to the water using tips and tricks I developed over the years. Give your child confidence. Make your child water safe through dog paddle and back floating. Swim using correct kicking, breathing and arm actions. Jumping and diving safely.
  • 2 simple keys to methods that I devised over 27 years in training children to swim. Save time getting to know how to gain a child’s confidence
  • AMAZING! Discover in a matter of minutes how to reap the rewards of having fun with your child while you teach them to swim. Swimming is a skill that stays with them for life
  • 4 proven strategies for learning the ropes and using simple tools to get the job done. Having complete confidence in yourself, giving your child the gift of a lifetime and keeping your child safe around water
  • 7 tips and tricks for simple methods packed into one easy readable ebook for you to study as you progress with your children
  • A dirt-cheap way to do all this yourself at the cost of a single private half hour lesson in most places these days
  • A free and easy way to learn a new skill for your self for the benefit of your family
  • Have you been looking for this for ages? Discover how to P11
  • How to simply Teach Your Children to Swim with this easy to read eBook
  • REVEALED! The hidden truth behind teaching children to swim is thst it is much easer than you think when the mystery of the right techniques are used
  • Your secret weapon for the summer vacation with the will to go for it
Swimming freestyle

And that’s just a fraction of what you’ll find out in Teaching Children to Swim. You can be reading in as little as 5 minutes from now!

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This isn’t some boiler-plate collection of answers. Everything is explained in PLAIN English. Which means it’s dead-easy to read and understand. And it’s logically laid out.

That’s right, it is a fraction of what it’s really worth or what it cost me to research. Why would I make it so affordable? Simply because my costs to deliver it to you are so low.

This is an electronic book (eBook) that can be downloaded to your computer in a flash. Which means you can be reading it and discovering all these amazing secrets in as little as 5 minutes from now.

So I figure I’ll be able to offer this fantastic resource of information (which if you follow the tips contained in its pages could really give you some amazing benefits) to more people. And make my investment back over time.

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Swimming breaststroke

$17 is a drop in the ocean compared to what you learn with these secrets.

And don’t worry, if for any reason you’re not happy with the content, you have a complete guarantee to protect your investment.


Hey, you’re my customer and if you’re not happy, it looks bad on me. So if you’re not happy with what you discover from Teaching Children to Swim I don’t expect … or want … to keep your money. Just simply whip off an email to me and I’ll happily refund your money in full (in fact, I’d be embarrassed to keep it).

But… the eBook is yours to keep no matter what, as a ‘thank you’ gift from me!

Okay? So you really can’t lose! The ebook’s yours no matter what. That’s about as fair as it gets, don’t you agree?

Wishing you great success.

Ron Bower

P.S. Don’t forget, you’re getting everything to get you started in teaching a child to swim safely. So if that’s what you want to do, this is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

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